Weekend snippets:

  • Finished my bookclub book Isn’t It Pretty To Think So by Nick Miller - a must-read for a social media-obsessed twentysomething
  • Lunch at Cantina with a sneaky fruit bellini, divine as always
  • Coffee at Hoopla instead of breakfast Sunday morning
  • Literally imprisoned in my study for the rest of the weekend.

Oh! I also went to a Thermomix dinner/fundraiser on Friday night.  Gawd, that machine is awesome.  Didn’t buy one, but entered a raffle to win one :P

On the spending diary front, I’ve spent (approximately) in the past 4 or 5 days:

  • $80 on eating out
  • $100 on groceries
  • $300 on a traffic infringement (eeep)
  • $100 on electricity bill
  • $350 on ebay for this gorg Alexander Wang - link
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